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Pizzeria Shares Surprise Thanksgiving Meal With Needy

Most pizzerias are closed on Thanksgiving to give employees a chance to celebrate with their families. A Springfield, Ohio pizzeria parlayed its concern for the hungry citizens of the town into a festive demonstration of neighborly love when it opened its doors to about 100 thankful diners.  

ABC 22 News in Dayton, Ohio, reports that Bada Bing! in nearby Springfield posted a sign in its window that started: "Closed for Thanksgiving." But the notice ended with an unexpected message: "If you are hungry, or don't have any money, please come in." The sign was shared on Facebook and Reddit and the response from the needy and volunteers meant owner Jason Hague opened Bada Bing's doors to feed about 100. Donations of turkeys and pies flooded in and leftovers were donated to the local fire department and a homeless shelter. Before his hungry guests arrived, Hague said: "We'll open up our hearts and our dining room so if anyone wants Thanksgiving dinner they're more than welcome to join us."

Watch video on the Turkey Day pizzeria surprise.