*Kenton, OH December 12th, 2007 *– On Saturday, December 8th, 2007
Michael Angelo’s Pizza raised over $18,000 for their “We Support Our
Troops” fundraiser event, easily passing the goal of $10,000. The funds
were a blend of 100% of pizza sales at the Michael Angelo’s Pizza in
Kenton, monetary donations from the communities of Kenton &
Rushsylvania, and 100% of pizza rain check sales from both pizzeria
locations. Pizza & Rain Check sales accounted for about $15,800 of the
amount with the rest coming from monetary donations.

Of the proceeds, over $4,500 was used to buy phone cards through the
Military Exchange Service for local soldiers serving overseas, giving
each local soldier approximately 20 hours of call time, hopefully enough
to get them through their entire tour. These cards are already purchased
and on the way.

With such an overwhelming turnout and much more than could be used for
just the local soldiers, Michael Angelo’s Pizza donated $12,000 to VFW
Operation Uplink. This VFW program provides phone cards to soldiers
serving overseas and injured soldiers recovering in hospitals and
nursing homes – free of charge. This donation will go toward providing
phone cards from Operation Uplink to local soldier’s entire units.

The remainder of the proceeds will go toward Christmas “Thank You” gifts
for local families of soldiers who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Anyone can request that a phone card be sent to their loved one or
family member serving overseas through this program, just visit
operationuplink.org to make your request.

Please contact Michael Shepherd for more information at 419-673-7101 or
by email michael@michael-angelos.com. If you are interested in donating
the VFW Operation Uplink contact Linda Ferguson at 816-756-3390.

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