In an area when restaurants everywhere are short staffed, the quality of service can sometimes suffer accordingly. Some nights, pizzerias, for example, get so slammed that both service and food may suffer. 

One pizzeria is taking responsibility for a night that may not have been up to par with its standards. Eudici’s Pizza, a four-store chain in Michigan, took to social media to apologize to anyone who dined at its Bay City location—and to offer to make it right. 

As first reported by Midland Daily News, the owner of Eudici’s Pizza, Mike Eudici wrote on Facebook Sunday morning: “If you ordered from us late last night and you were dissatisfied with the food and/or the service please contact me today, either here or at the store.” Eudis added a phone number to the post. “We were extremely busy in the last couple of hours. Our closing manager was by herself and got swamped. She told me that the service was not up to par and quality suffered so I will be trying to contact those of you who ordered late to see if we can make it right. We value your business and we appreciate you all.”

The message received an outpouring of support from the local community, tallying up more than 400 reactions, 70 comments and 140 shares. “Amazing for the accountability that you’re holding for your business,” one commenter wrote. “This is why I always order from you. Absolutely love the food. However, last night we (ordered) pizza around (10:15) and please know things happen and it’s OK. We are only human. Love how your customer service is your number one priority.”

A second post appeared on the Eudici’s Pizza Bay City Facebook page later that day. The outpouring of support had apparently turned into a groundswell of business—Eudici had to turn off the shop’s online ordering in order to fulfill the sales that had already come in. 

“We got so busy from the power outage in the south end plus everybody sharing the post I made earlier, which is wonderful, except we were staffed for a regular Sunday (with one driver calling off sick) and got hit like it was a Friday,” Eudici wrote. “Again, I apologize for any inconvenience and I am very grateful for all of the wonderful encouraging comments about us and our pizzeria. Thank you all.”

If there’s a lesson here, it’s that offering to make things right is almost always worth it.