According to a news report from, “Dylan Willis may only be a Union Springs High School student, but he’s already made it big in the real world.”

“Willis has designed a new logo for Jason’s New York Pizzeria in Union Springs and will soon see his design stamped onto the front facade and window of the pizzeria’s building in the village,” said the story. “I imagine I’ll be walking by and say, ‘I made that,’” said Willis, 16. “It’s going to feel great. I can’t wait to see what it looks like.” With the Italian flag as a backdrop, Willis’ illustration includes “Jason’s New York Pizzeria” in a curvy font, a picture of a pizza slice on the left and a plate of spaghetti on the right. In the center is a picture of a boat and a wave with the phrase “Boat delivery available” across the bottom. “I was just excited,” said Willis of his logo being chosen. “I thought, ‘I wonder what my parents are going to think,’” he said. Willis and his classmates in the high school’s graphic design class taught by art teacher Jason Charles each designed their own logo for the restaurant as a class project. While restaurant owner Jason Markel said he could only pick one, he will frame the other designs and dedicate a wall in his building to the students.”

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