Pizzeria Owner Feature of National Talk Show

Punxsutawney, PA – January 3, 2007 – The Growing Your Business with Fred and Lyna Radio Show explores all aspects of operating and marketing a small business through the experiences of the hosts Fred Hueston and Lyna Farkas as well as from featured guests who are interviewed on the show.
Punxsutawney Fox’s Pizza Den owner Scott Anthony recently became a Marketing Maverick, a person who wants to learn how to grow their business through “out-of-the-box” marketing techniques.  Every month Fred and Lyna will present a Marketing Maverick question.  Anthony’s answer was selected as the best answer for the December contest.  Questions are submitted via e-mail; .
Anthony will also be a featured guest on the show. “When we look at potential interviews for “Growing Your Business”, we are interested in business people who have a passion for what they do. Creativity goes a long way and we find Scott definitely uses “out of the box” thinking to promote his business.  It was a pleasure interviewing him and our listeners will pick up a lot of useful marketing advice from this show.
 Scott’s interview will be aired on Monday, Jan 29th at 8pm. You can tune in at: Want to hear more? It will be archived after that.” – Fred Hueston
About Fred and Lyna
Fred Hueston is an experienced talk show host. He currently has a home improvement show called Around the House with Fred Hueston which airs every Saturday from 2-5pm on WWNC 570 AM and on the Internet.  He has also hosted several other talk shows. He has appeared on several television shows, including Home Matters, Discovery Channel, and Decorating with Style on HGTV. He has written over 30 books and hundreds of articles which have appeared in nationally recognized magazines such as This Old House. In addition, Fred has owned and currently owns several successful businesses. Fred’s on-air personality is upbeat, informative and humorous.
Lyna Farkas runs her own decorative painting business and has authored two books on the subject. She is also an experienced promoter and event organizer. Lyna has appeared on the radio and TV, including PBS and local news stations. She has also done work for Martha Stewart and Bernhardt Furniture. Lyna’s on-air personality is humorous and informative.