“The M.O. goes something like this (actually it goes exactly like this): As proprietor of a pizza restaurant, you take a phone order for, say, a pepperoni pie,” according to The Examiner. “But instead of following the standard business practice of offering the pizza at no charge if it doesn’t arrive pronto, you go out of your way to deliver the food hours late. And then, when it finally reaches its destination limp and soggy of crust, the cheese having returned to its original congealed state, you attempt to extract extra money from your customer.

If it sounds bizarre, that’s because it is. The “marketing strategy” was dreamed up by Paraguayan ad agency ONIRIA/TBWA for two pizza emporia in the city of Asunción. The goal is to raise awareness of and cash donations for global hunger.

The campaign is being carried out in partnership with the Food Bank Foundation.”


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