Pizzeria Collecting for Troops

According to the Oneida Daily Dispatch, “once again, Sherrill NY Pizzeria, 125 E. Seneca St. Sherrill, will be collecting items to be sent to American troops in Afghanistan.”

“The unit the business is collecting for this year is made up of 25 men, is always on the move, has no electricity, running water or heat. They have asked to be sent travel-size items that will easily fit in their backpacks. This is one small way of saying “thank you” to the troops during the holiday season. The items include Chapstick, eyedrops, sunblock, shampoo, lotion, beef jerky, coffee, sugar and creamer, body wash, baby wipes, power bars, gum, mints and candy, nuts, trail mix, hand sanitizer, hot cocoa mix, single serving meals — ravioli, beef stew — decks of cards, envelopes, pads of paper and Gatorade mix. Last year, the pizzeria was able to ship eight boxes, for which the soldiers sent notes of gratitude for the small effort.”