Wilmington, North Carolina will be testing grounds for a new pizza delivery service looking to cut brick-and-mortar pizza time into half.

WilmingtonBiz reports that the service is Wheelz and its founders, Joy Sprenger and Paul Parker, want to change the online pizza delivery by introducing a network of WiFi-enabled mobile kitchens that can deliver on demand.

Customers can order via a mobile app which is similar to Uber, and then connect with one of the numerous vans throughout the city that will then deliver the pizza within minutes. These kitchens feature a compact oven that can cook pizzas in just 90 seconds, making it possible to have pizza delivered within minutes. These vans will be well-stocked with enough ingredients to make 100 New York pizzas, 30 to 40 per hour.

The pizzeria is set to go into operation in June.

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