Pizzas With Pizzazz: Cowell Pays Out £25,000 For Two Ovens To Cook His Favourite Snack reports, “Simon Cowell has splashed out £25,000 on two pizza ovens as part of the seemingly never-ending £2million renovation of ""his £12million Beverly Hills mansion.”

“The star, whose US version of his TV series The X Factor debuts on Wednesday, is building a new movie theatre, pool house and massage room as part of the latest remodelling of his six-bedroom pile. But the ‘highlight’ of the work is two Prima 100 Mugnaini wood-fired pizza ovens for his ‘outside entertainment deck’ (otherwise known as a patio). They cost £10,000 each and are regarded as the Rolls-Royce of pizza ovens, imported from Italy by US company Mugnaini. The additional £5,000 was spent on the surrounding structure of grey-brick in a ‘modernist’ design.”

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