Okay, so you’ve got the website. What’s that? No enthralling video on your home page? Sure, that close-up image of a delectable looking slice with the melted cheese is certainly enticing, but you gotta have some “sizzle” to complement that motionless pizza image. Something that makes the page pop. How about a website side-item called ScribbleVoice™? You may have seen it—a video and soundtrack that tells a story by scribbling text, images and other eye- and ear-catching elements customized for a particular product or service. AudioMenu Creative Group brings this awesome service to the pizza industry through PizzaMakerMarketing.com.

You certainly don’t need to be sold on the benefits of adding video to your website. Just google the phrase. Here’s the problem: The consumer has been exposed to traditional video for too long. You need something unique. Plus, if the quality is professional grade, traditional video is way too expensive. Poor quality video production? Well that just sets a standard that you can’t afford to risk. And if it doesn’t captivate your viewers immediately, they’ll just click away. Your video needs to tell a story. It needs an opening, a middle and an ending. And a little bit of fun and humor doesn’t hurt either.

Heck, it’s pizza, and pizza is supposed to be fun! That’s what ScribbleVoice is all about.

We hear the feedback constantly: “I just kept watching to see what was going to pop up on the screen next!” Before they know it, the viewer has watched the entire video, about 2 minutes in length, and has an extra incentive to explore the website further, or better yet, go straight for the phone or your location to get their pizza fix! Pardon the pun, but it leaves a good taste in their mouth! Just ask Jeff Dodge of Ramos Pizza in Lincoln, Nebraska, about his ScribbleVoice video. “I like to try new stuff! We’ve had a lot of views, and it makes our website 100% more professional to have the ScribbleVoice video front and center.”

AudioMenu Creative Group is a leading provider of ScribbleVoice Videos, On Hold 123 telephone marketing programs and other services. Learn more at PizzaMakerMarketing.com or call 800-571-2499, Extension 301


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