PizzaCo in Stratford, Connecticut, Uses Custom Version of Greenbox for Delivery and Carryout

PizzaCo,Stratford, Connecticut’s vintage gas station-turned-craft pizza restaurant, has partneredwith GreenBox, makers of environmentally friendly pizza boxes,as seen onTV’s Shark Tank.

GreenBox is an ingenious,multi-functional pizza box whose lid breaks into four sturdy plateswhile therest of the box becomes a compact storage unit for leftover pizza.

PizzaCo became the firstpizza restaurant in Connecticutto begin using a custom version of theseunique boxesand has been committed to being environmentally responsible since theiropening.They currently compost all their restaurant’s food waste.

Lexi Fanning of GreenBoxsaluted PizzaCo’s decision.“We’re happy that PizzaCo has joinedus in thinkingoutside the box to make consumers’ lives easier and bettering the environment,too.”

GreenBox was invented by William Walsh,a Connecticutnative, who came up with the idea whileliving in a fraternity house on afootball scholarship. He cut up hundreds of pizza boxesbefore hitting upon theidea of making a utilitarian box whose top could be converted intofourdisposable plates, while the bottom is easily changed into a box forleft-overs.

In January 2015, GreenBox appeared onthe reality TV show Shark Tank,where a deal wasmade with “Shark” KevinO’Leary, a.k.a. “Mr. Wonderful.”

Located in a former gas station’sgarage, across the street from Connecticut’s largest craft brewery,PizzaCo opened itsdoors in April serving culturally and seasonally-inspired pizzas that are“garage fired” in their Italian brick oven. PizzaCo’s Declan Mahar describesPizzaCo as“somewhere between Brooklyn and New Haven, both figuratively andliterally.”

PizzaCo willserveall takeoutand delivery pizzas in its custom GreenBox.Currently, the companydelivers only to Two Roads Brewing.

About PizzaCo:
Open in April 2017,PizzaCo makescreative and seasonally-inspired “garage-fired” pizzas intheir Italian-builtbrick oven and serves craft beer, cocktails and wine – all from the fullservice bar inside a vintage gas station/garage. Whether it’s dining in or takingout to your favorite nearby craft brewery or home, the qualitypizzas and funvibe of their location will make it an experience to remember.