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Webinar: Using Technology to Manage Phone Calls to Your Pizzeria

Join industry leader PizzaCloud and PMQ at 2 p.m., Thursday, July 28, in a webinar with PizzaCloud president John Scully as we learn to traverse the rocky terrain of handling customers’ needs in a quick, concise and consistent manner using today’s newest telecommunications technology.

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Here’s what the webinar will cover:

  • Multiple methods to deal with phone calls while understaffed
  • Call Centers/centralized call handling: If your POS system supports it, this is a great solution!
  • A.I. (the robot overlords answering your phones): Is it finally real? One of the largest pizza chains in the country uses AI in 700+ stores
  • Leveraging the phone system to push people to order online
  • Integrated SMS/text messaging: Inbound and outbound text messaging on your main number both from the phone system and POS system

Scully has 35 years of telecommunications experience, including building and running large call centers (some with over 1,000 seats) and eight years focusing on the pizza industry, with almost 2,000 pizza restaurants as customers.