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How to Boost Your Business Quickly and Easily! GOOD NEWS: the economy is slowly recovering… and your business survived the storm. Others weren’t so lucky. So where the heck are all the new customers? Why aren’t YOU seeing them? Fact is…People Are NOT Going to Stumble Through Your Doors On Their Own! You need to AGGRESSIVELY promote your pizzeria and PULL them in. Not with weak newspaper and radio commercials that everyone ignores. But with tested and proven FORCEFUL promotions that GRAB your prospects… GET IN THEIR FACES… and make AGGRESSIVE offers that totally blindside your competition. The shops pulling in the new customers are CONSISTENTLY and REPEATEDLY giving people REASONS to visit them and spend money. These smart pizzeria owners are sending their neighbors PERSONAL messages. Not cold, generic form letters. Not junky postcards. They call their prospects by name which instantly grabs their attention. They send INVITATIONS and valuable GIFT CERTIFICATES which are virtually impossible for todays budget-conscious consumers to ignore. Your competition isnt doing this. So this influences them to visit you and spend money. Its a smart tactic that works like crazy. Unfortunately, most pizzeria owners are too damned busy to even think about this stuff.. If you have limited time and a tight budget (Who doesnt?), well help you turn things around. Using our 3 simple, proven-effective marketing services, well AGGRESSIVELY promote your business to your local neighbors and current customers. Well use the power of direct-response marketing our specialty for nearly 2 decades to drive customers into your shop like never before. HERES OUR 3-POINT PROMISE TO YOU: 1) WE WILL SEND streams of new customers though your door, 2) WE WILL INFLUENCE your present customers to return more often, and 3) WE WILL PERSUADE them to spend more money. Bottom-line: Youll quickly see more traffic… more sales… more profits… and enjoy the feeling of being back on track. We have been doing this for thousands of well-respected pizza shops nationwide. And we have stacks of customer testimonials to prove it. Take a look at these 3 Powerful Direct Response Marketing Services… that bring immediate, trackable results you can actually measure. Moving Targets New Resident, Direct Mail Service: Persuades new residents who move into your neighborhood to visit YOU… instead of your competitors! Birthday Connections Custom Birthday Card Service to local residents (we know their birthdays): Turns hundreds of neighbors into crowds of buyers by sending them a greeting and gift for their special day! Loyal Rewards Customer Emailing Service. Relax… we do the work for you: Uses the power of Email to turn your own customers into a profitable goldmine of additional repeat business… just 4 1/2 cents each!

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