According to a news report from, “There are no pizza-related scenes in Bee Movie, the animated film created by comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Still, the closing credits mention a “pizza consultant,” listed as Chris Bianco, owner of Pizzeria Bianco in downtown Phoenix.”

“It’s pretty surreal,” said Bianco, who attended the Saturday premiere of the movie at the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood, Calif,” said the story. “Seinfeld stopped by the pizzeria about two years ago while in Phoenix for a test screening of Bee Movie, Bianco told Channel 3 (KTVK-TV) in an interview. He said the comedian immediately “fell in love” with Bianco and his pizza. Seinfeld isn’t alone. Bianco’s tiny downtown eatery in Heritage Square has earned Bianco a James Beard Award as one of the nation’s best chefs. A New York Times food writer named his the best pizza in the nation, and Oprah, too, has given it her blessing. Seinfeld was lured back when Bee Movie wrapped up in September. He didn’t want a traditional wrap party. Instead, he flew some cast and crew out to Phoenix for a private pizza party at Bianco’s, held in the afternoon when the restaurant is normally closed.

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