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Pizza With Purpose is Mission of new Boston-area Pizzeria

A new Boston-area pizzeria that opened Oct. 22 promotes "Pizza With Purpose" as its business model. Dudley Dough, which is owned by the Haley House nonprofit organization, highlights its compensation strategy of offering full-time employees a wage they can live off and profit sharing. That "economic justice" approach–detailed in its website–is backed up with a sustainable supply plan featuring locally sourced ingredients, craft beer and ice cream. profiles the Dudley Dough pizzeria, which offers hand-made pizzas crafted on local dough topped with vegetables picked from the nearby Thornton community garden. Patrons also enjoy exclusive, specialty chocolate marsh mellow ice cream called  “Roxbury Puddingstone” and locally brewed craft beer and tea. Through its progressive pay policies, owner Luther Pinkney says Dudley Dough hopes to set an example to other Roxbury businesses in upgrading living condition for inner city employees who would otherwise have to work multiple jobs. "It's a social experiment of sorts," he says.

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