To say your pizza speaks for itself, is a tried and true way to vouch for the quality of your pies. But at Mamma Mia! Pizza Kitchen (levellandsbestpizza.com) in Levelland, Texas, operators are making a pie that not only has regulars gossiping, but the town and local media buzzing as well. If you’ve got the cash (a whopping $40) and the courage, the kitchen staff will prepare for you a truly Texan delicacy—rattlesnake pizza!

And just as the rattlesnake lures its prey with its seductive rattle, word of mouth has people visiting this pizza joint to at least catch a glimpse, if not buy, Mamma Mia’s signature predator-based pie. We tracked down Mamma Mia’s manager, Marty Boisvert, to find out how, in addition to the unique menu, this small-town, buffet operation keeps curious customers coming in the door—and possibly leaving with a to-go box full of reptilian slices.

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