OceanCity.Patch.com reports"", “Seventeen pizzerias list the Ocean City Boardwalk as their address — 18, if you count the pizza stand inside Playland’s Castaway Cove. All are crammed into an eight-block stretch between Sixth and 14th streets.”

“And not everybody is happy about it. In some cases, the proliferation of pizzerias has fractured families and angered merchants. Visitors, unaware of the intrigue that bubbles beneath the surface like a vat of simmering sauce, know only that they now have a dizzying array of options from which to choose. Gone are the good old days of simply plain or pepperoni pizza. Now there are big slices, bigger slices, thin-crust slices, $6-made-for-two-people-to-share slices, shrimp- and broccoli-topped slices, Buffalo and barbecue chicken slices, Hawaiian (ham and pineapple) slices and pasta-laden slices. ‘There are too many,’ Richard Ford says of the pizzeria-littered landscape.”

“He’s managed Bob’s Boardwalk Pizza, the southernmost pizzeria on the boards in the 1300 block, for three of the eight years he’s worked on the Boardwalk. ‘This is absolutely the most I’ve ever seen up here.’”

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