An automated pizza spot in Toronto gives new meaning to the expression, “hole in the wall.”

Located on the corner of Bay and Cumberland Streets, PizzaForno is an outdoor pizza vending machine with a built-in oven that bakes 12-inch pizzas in about three minutes. According to the Daily Hive, PizzaForno opened for business in mid-December. Customers use a digital screen to choose between four options, including Chevre-miel, BBQ Chicken, Pepperoni and Mozzarella.

Prices start at $11. The machine can hold up to 70 pizzas at a time, and customers can watch as the pizza is baked.

“Each pie is freshly topped and stored in the refrigerated section of the PizzaForno,” according to the Daily Hive. “Once customers place their orders on the screen, a robotic arm takes their selection from the refrigerated section and slides it into an oven. Once it’s cooked, the pizza is placed in a box and delivered to the consumer.”

Additional machines will be installed at other spots around the area, including Mississauga’s Dixie Mall, by the end of 2019.

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