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&pizza Urges Guests to “Be the Change” They Want to See By Voting

&pizza, the Washington, D.C.-based fast-casual pizza company founded by marketing whiz Michael Lastoria (and PMQ’s cover subject in the April 2016 issue), aims to rock the vote in this year’s elections. The company is using its packaging materials and newsletter to encourage its customers—many of them millennials who have expressed dissatisfaction with both presidential candidates—to participate in the democratic process.

Known for its team of roller-skating ambassadors, striking black-and-white photography, free tattoos and oblong pies, &pizza will give away free craft sodas to all customers wearing an “I Voted” sticker on Election Day next week. The company also issued limited-edition to-go pizza boxes bearing the slogan, “Be Loud. Be Heard. Vote.”

“We have fought hard to turn &pizza into a brand that stands for something more than our product, that says something about who we are as people, and what we believe in,” the company stated in its customer e-newsletter this week. “That’s why we chose to use our pizza boxes to speak up [and] engage our neighbors in an effort to drive a greater amount of them to the polls and using their inner voice to incite change.”

The newsletter goes on to urge customers, “Don’t sit out. Each one of us has a voice and a right to be heard.”

All of &pizza's carryout boxes are shaped to accommodate the pizzeria's unusual oblong pizzas, which come in thoughtful flavor combinations, such as fig marsala and strawberry balsamic.