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Pizza: They Make It, You Bake It

According to a, “for Jeff and Patty Dora, simple and fun is the name of the game at Panhandle Pizza Take & Bake.”

“’This is very easy and it’s fun,’ said an apron wearing Patty from behind the counter.”

“A visit to their daughter in Coldwater, Mich., is where the concept for a take and bake pizza shop first entered their minds. They saw such an establishment and thought “what a great idea.Tucked behind the Texaco on Gulf Shore Drive, Panhandle Pizza sends pizzas out the door that were made in the store, yet they are wrapped up and ready to go directly into the customer’s oven. The new pizzeria has no baking equipment.The Miramar Beach couple said they operate by the K.I.S.S. principle … Keep It Simple Stupid. The slower work pace is a welcome change for the Doras, who also manage a housekeeping company responsible for 50 units in the Holiday Isle area.”

“’In the housekeeping business, we have a slogan, “It’s not a workout, it’s a wearout,’ Patty said.”

“By cleaning up after Destin tourists, the market research for a pizza place has been easy,” the story said.