Pizza The Key To Longevity? 106-Year-Old Woman Says Yes

"" reports, “Newfoundland’s 106-year-old Margaret Ellen Moores doesn’t really have a secret for a long life.”

“That is unless you think fries, pizza and sweets are the key to longevity. ‘She loves sweets. She never drank water. She still doesn’t like water. And she loves pizza and fries,’ her daughter Marie Cheeseman told the Toronto Star Tuesday. Moores couldn’t come to the phone because she is extremely hard of hearing. But other than that she’s as right as rain. The only pill she takes is for her arthritis, which flares up now and again.”

“She lives in her hometown of Rushoon, N.L. — about 275 kilometres west of St. John’s — with her daughter Marie, 65, the last surviving child of four girls. Her husband Art died when he was 90 more than 19 years ago. They were together for 67 years. ‘Since she turned 99 we have had a party every year. It’s a big deal,’ Cheeseman told.”