Invasion reported in China

Perth, Western Australia – November, 22nd  2006 – Chinese people don’t eat pizza! I once asked who eats Pizza. I was told they are “the same people that breathe AIR.”  But China. is the exception to the rule because of their low dairy input. China is standing up now and taking notice and the Australian are sending the most decorated pizza chefs to demo the art of Pizza making and to help teach the Chinese in the pizza world. A first for Australia. Theo Kalogeracos & Raffaele Brotzu. Dairy Farmers Caboolture past Finalist and winners of the Best of the Best Pizza chefs in Australia.  Theo was part of the Inaugural Pizza Team that won the America Plate in 2004 .Australia and pizza chains are about to change the way Pizza is seen in China. Because of the low dairy product in China consumption of pizza  hasn’t been the GO in China. But the Chinese government is going out to change that too with the increase in dairy product quota imported into China, lifting dairy quota. Australians are going to see and show case what has made the Australians the most sort after creative pizza chefs in the World after taking the world title of the Americas plate for two years straight. The Chinese pizza market is a new frontier and the Australians want to explore this area because of our increase in Chinese immigration in Australia and an expanding market of new culinary tastes.  This is the first time that a team of Australian Pizza Chefs and joining them will be the American Pizza Team have made such a presence in China.

At the China FHC China 2006 (30th Nov – 1st  Dec 2006) in Shanghai, the  food show there is going to have a pizza village for the first time where 18 entries of pizza cooks will be trying out for the Pizza Champion  crown of China. The Winner booking their place for the New York show to compete against 8 countries for the Americas Plate award. Winner of the American Plate will then be crowned the Pizza Champion of the world. The Australian Pizza Chefs will be producing some creative and unique pizzas and will be introducing the Chinese population to Pizza. Spreading the word of Pizza.

Pizza Team Australia will be demonstrating to the Chinese people  how the Chinese people can enjoy a food that they wouldn’t necessarily try. The simple things in life, “Pizza”. There is now a Pizza Hut store opening in China every second day in what is known to be a growth market.

Pizza Team Australia is a group of Three of Guys taking another strong following of Australian Population to show that we can match the best in the world and show that creativity can succeed to be the best. The masters of Pizza making.
Theo Kalogeracos    Contact Number: 0417 953377
 & Raffaele Brotzu Contact number: 0413187854
These guys are also looking for sponsorship to help them get to New York. This trip to China is a fully funded trip by them to put their toe in the water in preparation for the New York event.

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