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What a treat to find not just a good pizza, but an exceptional pizza on a relatively remote island. Bimini is a 25-minute flight from the Miami Seaplane Base or a two-hour ferry ride. Except for the monstrosity of the Hilton on the North end, the rest of the island maintains its authentic Caribbean disposition.  

With Reggae pouring out into the streets from local shops, the sun warming the skin, and an ocean breeze orchestrating a perfect blend of all of the above, life is good on Bimini.   

After having Conch for every meal since arrival, I was ready to try something different. I’d heard about Edith’s Pizza from a local driver and meandered my way there for lunch. You order at the window, though no one tells you that. Eventually it clicks. 

I went for the lobster pizza, still staying true to the allure of seafood on an island, but also getting my fix of melted cheese and red sauce. Oh. My. Gosh! The inner crust was thin and firm, with a bit of a crunch. The outside crust was a thick roll of beautiful sweetness. The dough is allegedly sweetened with honey and coconut milk. I tried to get more insight from the staff, and though we both spoke English, we could not really understand each other all that well.  

In short, Bimini bread includes honey and coconut milk, which is included in the pizza crust at Edith’s. The sauce is also slightly sweet, so it paired nicely with the crust. The fresh lobster was diced and blended with the cheese, heaped over the flavorful crust. I am literally salivating as I type this last sentence. Edith’s, a must-visit stop on Bimini.


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