Pizza-Spinning Champion Visits Burnaby Pizzeria

According to, “Juan Hermosillo is a big name in his sport, so big that women routinely hand him their phone numbers when he competes at world events.”

“The tools of his trade? Flour and water. Hermosillo is a world champion pizza spinner. The 30-year-old Toronto resident was in Burnaby recently helping promote the Edmonds location of Pizza Pizza, a Canadian company that hired him on as a spokesperson and performer. Recently he was named as the captain and coach of the fledgling Canadian pizza spinning team. It’s perhaps quintessentially Canadian that Hermosillo would take on that role, he being a Mexican migrant, who learned the art of pizza spinning while living in the United States, becoming a leader in a sport with Italian heritage. He moved with his parents from Mexico to Los Angeles when he was 11. It  was while working in a pizzeria, trying to earn money for college that he first saw a coworker make magic with pizza dough, spinning it high in the air.”