Pizza Shuttle Declares First Winner in Pizza Eating Contest

Milwaukee – Many didn’t think it was possible, but on Saturday, January 3rd, Reginald Buford and Desmond Taylor proved naysayers wrong. The hungry Milwaukeeans became the first winners of Pizza Shuttle’s Wisconsin’s Largest Pizza Eating Contest, finishing a 28-inch, 12-pound, two-topping pizza within one hour and garnering the $500 prize.


Following the contest, Manager Angelic Alba said, “At first I thought they weren’t going to finish because throughout the hour, they looked like they were so full and wanted to vomit. But they held it all in until everything was gone and time was out.”


Each competing team signs a waver agreeing to various stipulations for disqualification prior to starting the contest. Victorious teams claim the $500 grand prize.


Co-owner Mark Gold is hoping that Buford and Taylor’s victory will inspire other teams to compete in the challenge. “After dozens of unsuccessfully contests, this proves that victory is possible. We hope more teams will be motivated to compete,” says Gold.


Desmond said he will put his half of the prize money toward tuition. Reginald said he was so full he didn’t know at the time.


Pizza Shuttle is an independently owned and operated pizzeria on Milwaukee’s East Side, co-owned by Mark Gold and Lou Siecinski since 1985. For more information about the contest, visit or call (414) 220-9215.