Pizza shop offer new twist on old recipes

According to a news article from, “Offering a great mixture of old family recipes with a new tasty twist, the newly opened Courtyard Pizzeria in Scottdale has a menu filled with selections to suit every palate.”

“Using his father’s sauce and dough recipes, owner Brandon Hamrock added his own flavor to the family staples,” said the story. “I took my dad’s recipes and I worked with them,” Hamrock said, adding that everything for the pizzas is prepared fresh daily. “I tweaked them a bit to make them my own.” Hamrock’s menu features his traditional red pizza with a choice of more than a dozen toppings, numerous specialty pizzas, and the crowd-pleasing white pizza.”

“I also use my dad’s recipe for white pizza and people really like it,” Hamrock said about the specialty pizza. “I make mine different from anyone else’s in the area because I put Ricotta cheese on it,” according to the article. “Courtyard Pizzeria offers eight sandwich choices in both 6-inch and 12-inch sizes, five specialty salads and house salads, a range of appetizers and homemade soup.”

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