According to an article from, “The AT&T Real Yellow Pages contains 34 telephone listings for pizza restaurants in central Brevard County, but one is not what it appears to be.”

The article said, “That listing, for Kazoni’s Pizza, has the same number and address as another pizza place, Papa Vito’s, and a name similar to a third, Cazoni’s Pizza. So similar, in fact, that some customers seeking the phone number of Cazoni’s get Kazoni’s — that is, Papa Vito’s, a restaurant in the next shopping plaza over.”

According to the report, “The couple has spent the past six months fighting to get the Kazoni’s listing killed. They’ve gotten some relief from AT&T Corp., which removed it from 4-1-1 and the online Real Yellow Pages. But to the Pimentas’ dismay, thousands of new telephone books featuring the Kazoni’s listing landed on doorsteps across Brevard in April.”

“What boils my blood is that AT&T allowed it to continue,” Debbie Pimenta said in the article.

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