A Fox’s Pizza Den location in Leechburg, Pennsylvania, has partnered with a local florist to create a Valentine’s Day special with homebound lovebirds in mind.

The restaurant is partnering with Leechburg Floral to provide heart-shaped pizzas flanked by fresh red roses and a stuffed plush animal as add-ons. “With the pandemic, we’re thinking outside of the box because a lot of people are not going to be able to go out to dinners, and there are a lot of people that are still afraid to eat,” Jennifer Bucci, the Fox’s Pizza Den co-manager, told TribLive.

“We wanted to collaborate with another Leechburg-area business and work together for a creative Valentine’s offer,” she added.

The basic Valentine’s pizza deal starts at $15 and includes an extra-large heart-shaped pizza with two toppings, a cookie and a two-liter drink. But if they’re feeling amorous, customers can add a plush stuffed bear or dog, a balloon and a single long-stemmed rose to the package for about $35. A third package includes the pizza, cookie, beverage and a half-dozen roses for about $60, while the fourth package combines all of the above options—pizza, beverage, cookie, stuffed animal and a half-dozen roses—for about $65.

And who knows? Some pizza-loving sweethearts might get other ideas in their head, said Keith Fetterman, owner of the Fox’s location. “This could inspire a couple to have a pizza proposal for the big holiday,” he told TribLive.

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