Pizza Scoop is Pizza On The Go!

July 14th, 2010 – A new era for pizza-by-the-slice has arrived, and it’s arrived in an attractive, one handed, mess free container. Pizza Scoop™ is an all new product that’s taking pizza-by-the-slice to the next level by allowing existing pizzerias to sell pizza-by-the-slice to busy people on the go in a way that works with their busy lifestyle. Without having to purchase any new equipment, Pizza Scoop works immediately in any setting that currently sells pizza-by-the-slice, and increases the appeal of choosing pizza as a meal on the go.

Pizza Scoop’s patent pending design is a simple press board triangular container that accommodates a wide piece of pizza, folded lengthwise, to fit in its opening. The user can then use their fingers to pinch the sides of the Pizza Scoop to hold the pizza in place and use their teeth to pull it forward as they eat. The result is a completely eaten piece of pizza without ever having to touch the crust, which leaves the patron clean, full, and satisfied.

“It started as a simple realization,” says its inventor Evan Drury, “We wanted to eat something quick since we were in a rush, but the only drive through places are burger joints. I then wondered why pizza, the number one order in food in North America, wasn’t competing in this space. The idea really hit me while watching a person eat a hamburger with one hand while texting on their cell phone with the other. People lead busy life styles and are constantly multitasking. The goal was crystal clear; make pizza a one handed mess free meal.”

For now, Pizza Scoop is providing pizzerias an alternative to the large triangular boxes. In the future however, Evan envisions pizzerias with Drive-Thru windows, competing with the market traditionally dominated by hamburgers by serving Pizza Scoop pizza in paper wrappers. Orders for Pizza Scoop began on May 31st and swift uptake on the product is anticipated. For more information please visit Pizza Scoop’s official website at