Pizza Sales Fuel Palermos Expansion

According to the Miwlaukee Business Journal, “Growing demand for its various product lines is prompting frozen pizza maker Palermo Villa Inc. to expand its Menomonee Valley plant just three years after it opened.”

“’The frozen pizza business is experiencing solid growth and demand is high,’ said Giacomo Fallucca, Palermo’s president and chief executive officer. ‘People are shifting away from eating at pizzerias to eating at home.’ Fallucca said the drain on personal finances caused by the recession likely has played a part in the shift in consumer habits, but he also believes the company has been successful in developing pizzeria-quality products for consumers wanting to spend more time at home with family and friends during the economic downturn. The Palermo’s brand name is carried on various product lines, including Primo Thin, Rustico, Hearth Italia and Classics. Increased demand for Palermo’s gourmet brands is fueling overall growth, as is an expansion of Palermo’s private-label business with retail customers, he said.”