According to a news report from, “Centerville’s new alcohol ordinance is now in effect, and on Sunday one restaurant will become the first to take advantage of it.”

“The Centerville City Council made Sunday alcohol sales officially legal this week after holding a second reading of an amended alcohol ordinance. The change was made possible when voters approved a referendum Nov. 4 making Centerville the first and only location in Houston County to allow Sunday alcohol sales,” said the story. “Meldino’s Pizza owner Mike Black went to City Hall on Friday and paid the $800 annual fee for the special license to have Sunday sales. Meldino’s, which serves beer and wine only, and O’Charley’s, which has a full bar, are the only Centerville restaurants that serve alcohol. The Sunday sales ordinance applies only to restaurants. Black said he filled out paperwork to show that at least 50 percent of his sales are derived from food.”

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