“A Central Kentucky restaurant served up both food and some help for a family,” according to WKYT NewsFirst..

“Earlier this month, a 17-year-old died in a car crash in Anderson County. Expenses have been piling up for his family since then, and a local restaurant serving pizza, wanted to do something for them.

Mondays aren’t your usual popular pizza nights, but walk into Edwardo’s in Lawrenceburg, and you’d think it was the only restaurant in town. Gerald and Terri Ramsey were surprised to see the number of people there Monday night – all there for them, and their son.

“We kept thinking why God took him? Why did he take him? And why did he take my child? But we see so many people that don’t even know us, and they still come out,” said mom Terri Ramsey.

She lost her 17-year-old son Cody earlier this month in a car wreck. They’ve had to pay for a lot since then, and now they’re saving for a headstone.

15% of the night’s proceeds went to the Ramsey family. In all, Edwardo’s raised $1,000.”

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