Pizza Red Served Chilled, Heats up Beverage Category

(New York, NY) The Pizza Wine Company of Australia has introduced an original, ground-breaking wine, Pizza Red™, which is creating an additional profit-center and increased margins for pizza makers, retailers and restaurants.

Geared to capitalize on the ever expanding pizza market by offering a unique lightly carbonated, delicately sweet blended wine, the Pizza Wine Company has specifically created Pizza Red™ wine to fully compliment the wide variety of flavors found in pizza. Pizza Red™ is currently distributed in over 40 states and will be securing distribution in the remaining states in the near future in both the retail and food service sectors.

Pizza Red™ is available in two sizes: a 375ml bottle, conveniently packed as a three-pack take-a-way, retail priced between $9.99 and $11.99 per pack, and a 750ml individual bottle retail priced between $7.99 and $9.99. Both sized bottles use screw caps for increased consumer compatibility.

Pizza Red™ offers an uncomplicated wine structure, light sweetness with a lightly carbonated crisp, dry finish. It is approachable, light hearted and lots of fun. Pizza Red™ refreshes the palate after each bite or slice to improve the pizza eating experience.   

Andy Parisi, the ‘2004 International Pizza Maker of the Year’ says “the only thing that makes my pizza’s taste better is Pizza Red™.” Retailers and consumers are encouraged to visit the recently redesigned website for more information.


Case cards, table tent cards and shelf talkers are available to retailers to assist with educating their customers about the enjoyable experience associated with drinking Pizza Red™ with their next slice or pie. Continued trade show presence continues to introduce the product to retailers and restaurant and pizza shop owners across the country.


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