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Pizza Ranch Expands Crop of Flavors

According to QSR Magazine, “The Midwest family-style buffet restaurant, known for its tight bond with the communities it serves, is introducing to diners the new Cowboy Cacciatore Pizza and the return of its Apple Harvest Salad.”

“‘We are excited to offer a new pizza and to bring back a salad favorite to our buffets,’ says Gwen Lahrs, senior advertising and marketing manager for the Pizza Ranch Support Center. ‘Our guests have come to expect great food, great service, and a great value when they come to Pizza Ranch. We feel that both of these items contribute to our guests having a legendary experience when they dine at Pizza Ranch.’ The Cowboy Cacciatore pizza is made with roasted green peppers, onion, mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, Italian sausage, and 100 percent real cheese blend, topped with a mix of herbs after baking. ‘Our new pizza has great flavor and gives our guests a chance to try something new,’ Lahrs says. ‘Many guests have already told us that this is one of the best pizzas we’ve added to the buffet.’

“The Apple Harvest Salad is returning to the buffet line-up. Pizza Ranch received numerous requests from guests for the tasty salad, which contains lettuce, chunks of apples, walnuts, and raisins, topped with a honey mustard dressing.”