Pizza & Ranch Dressing Are Officially Inseparable

Love it or hate it, the American palate has spoken:pizza and ranch dressing are a winning combination. Ranch-dipped pizzaranch dipping sauce is one of three new sauces inHidden Valley's new Blasted line of creamy dipping sauces. Other products in the Blasted line includeBold Buffalo and Zestier Ranch.

"HiddenValleyRanch Blasted Creamy Dipping Sauces up the ante on dipping sauces,”said Jacquie Klein, Marketing Director forHiddenValleyRanch.“The bold, amped-up flavors taste great with French fries, mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders and more.We even think the pizza-dipped ranch flavor is fantastic for the pizza fanatic.After all, who wouldn’t love pizza dipped in ranch-dipped pizza ranch?"

If you've been resistant to customers asking for ranch on their pizza, you may want to direct them to their local grocery store. The new creamy dips are rollingout throughout the month of March in retail locations.