According to a report from, “If you’re wondering what to do with your old cellphone, look no further than a local pizzeria.”

The report said, “Drop off an old cellphone at your nearest Pizza Pizza restaurant during the month of April, and you’ll not only receive a free slice of pizza, you’ll divert the phone from a landfill and help the Canadian Association of Food Banks (CAFB) and its members in its efforts to alleviate hunger.”

“A staunch supporter of environmental causes, Pizza Pizza has partnered with the association’s “Phones – for – Food” program, whereby recycled phones are sorted and sold to the remanufacturing industry, which in turn sells the refurbished products to consumers, raising funds for local food banks in the process,” the report said.

The company, Pizza Pizza, will be accepting cell phones throughout the month of April in honor of Earth Month in all restaurants in the Ontario area.

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