Pizza Pizza Gives Slices for Devices Throughout April

“Throughout the month of April, Pizza Pizza’s traditional restaurant locations are trading slices for unused cell phones or handheld devices,” reported “Now in its eighth year, the company’s Cells for Slices program encourages people to recycle their unused devices, which are often not disposed of properly. All of the proceeds collected from this initiative benefit Food Banks Canada as part of its Phones for Food program.”

‘”The Cells for Slices program is a win for everyone,’ said Pat Finelli, chief marketing officer for Pizza Pizza. ‘It reminds people of the need to be environmentally responsible and that doing so can be a real positive experience.’  As innovations in technology increase, so do consumers’ desire to keep pace with the latest trends. While many may not want to use their normal garbage to dispose of their old or unused devices, most are simply unaware of safer alternatives for dealing with this waste. Cell phones and smart phones contain hazardous substances that are harmful to the environment if not recycled responsibly by an approved electronic waste recycler. The collection of these devices and subsequent processing of materials, through the Cells for Slices program, not only curb these environmental threats, but they raise funds for an important cause. Each device will help to raise funds for Food Banks Canada”.