(Press Release) TORONTO, ONTARIO, Jul 30, 2012– Pizza Pizza Limited, the Canadian-based and homegrown leader in the pizza sector since 1967, held a city-wide pizza party this weekend in Halifax to celebrate the continued growth of its presence in the port city – an expansion that has seen four locations, which are owned and operated by the Halifax-based Grafton Connor Group, and one non-traditional counter open up in the past two years. The newest location, 4 Forest Hills Parkway, opened on June 26th.

“We’re going into year three of our partnership with the Grafton Connor Group, and it has already resulted in four solidly-performing locations,” said Pat Finelli, Chief Marketing Officer of Pizza Pizza. “In the Grafton Connor Group, we’ve found a professional and motivated partner that lives by our core values of innovation, customer service, quality and community. That means the world to us and suggests a very promising future for Pizza Pizza in the region. We are thrilled with our relationship to date.”

In 2010, Pizza Pizza announced a deal that gave Grafton Connor Group the rights to expansion in the region.

“We were looking for a pizza partner that had a strong history, solid track record and a commitment to the region,” said Gary Muise, Vice President of Operations at the Grafton Connor Group. “We placed our trust in Pizza Pizza and did so in the confidence that a continued expansion will offer tangible benefits to customers, the local economy and broader community.”

Since embarking on a national expansion plan in 2009, Pizza Pizza has succeeded in establishing a growing presence across the country. In just three years, the company has added 18 locations, primarily in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Quebec and Nova Scotia. The company’s growth plans always include local sponsorships, seasonal community fundraisers and strong promotions with schools, local businesses and other catering customers.

Pizza Pizza’s Halifax offering is similar to its menu in other provinces, with slight nuances. In addition to chicken bites, wings, salads, pasta, panzerottis and classic, signature and create-your-own pizzas, the Halifax locations also feature donairs, a favorite local specialty. Donair options include a pita format with diced onions, tomatoes, donair sauce and seasoned beef on a warm pita, or in pizza format with sliced tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, red onions, donair sauce and the same seasoned beef, but on a classic dough recipe.

For more information on franchising opportunities at Pizza Pizza, visit www.pizzapizza.ca .

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