“Pizza, Pizza!” Another Retro Mascot Making A Comeback

“Get ready for a lot more “Pizza! Pizza!”

Little Caesars is launching its first national campaign in 15 years, once again putting its iconic “Pizza! Pizza!” tagline and Little Caesar character front and center,” according to Advertising Age.

“Ed Gleich, senior VP-global marketing, who joined Little Caesars in October, said the chain is using national media to “amplify” the “Pizza! Pizza!” tagline. “We’re in every state, and it was time to tie media together,” he said, adding that it was a matter of “being efficient and getting more for our investment.” Local buys had been used when there was no national campaign.

The Little Caesar is back.

The campaign, launching this week and created by BFG 9000, will include TV, radio and digital, as well as local print. Horizon Media handles media services. “It seems like everyone got really serious about pizza all of a sudden, talking about artisanal pizzas and apologizing for the way their pizza was made,” said Gerry Graf, founder and chief creative officer at BFG 9000. “But if you take a step back and look at pizza, it’s fun.”