Pizza Patt preps for Las Vegas

According to a news report from, “Patrick Miller – or “Pizza Patt” as he’s better known – has been slinging pies since he was sixteen years old. Patt took to the art of tossing pizzas while working at a local joint in Cincinnati. When the company hosted a trick competition for fun at their holiday party, the young Patt took the opportunity to learn a few tricks. He searched online for directions on how to execute some of the tricks of the pizza-slinging trade and began practicing for the big event. After the competition was over, Patt walked away with second place. But for Patt, anything less than first is not acceptable.”

“Pizza Patt wanted to practice and get better, intent on taking another shot at being the best. He got his opportunity when, at the age of 18, he went to the national dough-throwing competition in 2005. Unfortunately, Patt again got second place. Where others would have been dissuaded, Patt took it upon himself to keep practicing and getting better. Patt has since honed his pizza-tossing skills and has become the captain of the U.S. Pizza Team and has won numerous awards,” said the story.

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