""“Pizza Patrón, the nation’s #1 Latino pizza brand, celebrated the opening of its seventh store in San Antonio on Monday. The store is the company’s newly developed ‘double drive-thru’ model, the first of its kind in the chain. The concept was designed to minimize customer wait time by featuring two drive-thru lanes and Lincoln Fast-Bake™ ovens that cook fresh, custom-made pizzas in only 3.5 minutes. Cars enter a single lane and place their order at the menu board. After the orders are placed, motorists split into one of two pick-up lanes: Lista orders or custom orders. Lista is a Spanish word that means ‘ready’ or ‘no waiting.”

“Custom orders are completed in less than 5 minutes. Lista orders are ready as soon as the customer drives up, no waiting. Items offered on the Lista menu are: large pepperoni pizza for $4.99, QuesoStix, wings (buffalo, lime-n-pepper and garlic-con-queso), churros and dips (ranch and spicy ranch). ‘We created the double drive-thru concept to increase the speed and convenience for our Lista customers,’ said Andrew Gamm, brand director for Pizza Patrón. “They no longer have to wait behind cars with custom orders.”

“The concept, which comes on the heels of the development of two freestanding Pizza Patrón QSP (Quick Service Pizza) units in San Antonio, was also designed to improve the flow of traffic during peak lunch and dinner periods. ‘The speed of the double drive-thru and our low prices make our pizza a particularly competitive lunch option for customers who have limited time and budget,’ Gamm said.”

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