January 9, 2007 – DALLAS, TX – Pizza Patrón, the premier Latino pizza brand, which goes by the slogan ‘Mas Pizza. Menos Dinero,’ announced today that it would be accepting Mexican pesos as well as U.S. currency at each of its 59 locations nationwide. The Pizza por Pesos™ program goes into effect immediately, and is scheduled to run until the end of February 2007. The timetable may be extended depending upon the needs of their core Hispanic customer base.

“Many of our customers travel back and forth to Mexico regularly, and sometimes they end up with pesos left over,” said Ernesto Alonso Hernandez, director or restaurant operations for Pizza Patrón Inc. “We have always welcomed our people, and now we also welcome the currency of our homeland. We want to make Pizza Patrón a better choice for our customers than any of our competitors.”

The program will be supported by in-store graphics and displays that feature the flag of Mexico as well as the message “Bienvenido Paisano” (Welcome Countrymen).

Pizza Patrón is the only national pizza franchise to offer a 15-inch large ready now pizza for $4.99, part of their Lista® (ready now) line of menu items. The brand has always been committed to providing an affordable family meal, and now makes it even more convenient with the acceptance of Pesos!

About Pizza Patrón

Pizza Patrón was founded by Antonio Swad in 1986. Since franchising began in March 2003, the brand has gone from four locations to 59, with more than 40 under development. Pizza Patrón features fun and festive pizza stores that are community based in Spanish speaking or predominately Hispanic neighborhoods. The brand has both carry-out and dine-in locations, a number of which feature the newly developed Lista® Drive-thru window. In 2006, Pizza Patrón introduced its “Lista®” (ready now) program, offering large pepperoni pizzas and 8-piece Fiesta Wings™ (available in Lime ‘n Pepper, Garlic con Queso and Buffalo) for $4.99. All pizza dough is made fresh throughout the evening; no preservatives are added or needed. The sauce is prepared fresh in the stores from crushed Roma tomatoes and only 100 percent mozzarella is used. Whole and half pizzas are offered at prices as low as $4.99 for a large pizza with cheese and one topping and $3.49 for the same half pizza. A large “La Patrona” pizza with everything is only $7.99. For more information, visit www.pizzapatron.com.

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