Pizza Patrón Opens Second Quick Service Pizza Restaurant

According to a press release, Pizza Patrón, the premier Latin pizza brand, today announced the grand opening of its second Quick Service Pizza (QSP) outlet in San Antonio, Texas. The restaurant is located at 827 S Zarzamora St. in a densely-populated residential community, just west of downtown.

The new location opened for business June 8 and immediately surged into the company’s top three in weekly sales in its first week, as did its predecessor, the first QSP outlet in San Antonio, located at 3116 Nogalitos.

Pizza Patrón is advancing its QSP concept to bring the convenience and value of fast-food to the pizza segment. The new restaurant is a standalone location that features three distinct points of service for customers a drive-thru order menu with pick-up window, a walk-up order window, and a colorful lobby strategically developed with a warm, food-centric retail environment.

“We work diligently to be innovative leaders in our industry and we have a singular driving purpose to do a better job serving our customers,” said Andrew Gamm, director of Brand Development for Pizza Patrón. “We learned a lot from the launch of our first QSP location, and we are thrilled to be expanding this segment-changing concept.”

Pizza Patrón worked hand-in-hand with Lincoln Ovens to develop the new “Fast-Bake” technology that can be added to any of the company’s existing impinger-style ovens. The new system allows for custom-made pizzas to be baked in just over three minutes, which drastically decreases customer wait time and increases production capabilities.

The company hopes to add more QSP units in other markets soon and has developed models for custom-build projects, as well as existing pad-site remodels. This new paradigm broadens the chain’s real estate options for franchisees and creates an effective option for heightened brand visibility in the marketplace.

Since 1986, Pizza Patrón has been celebrating the diversity of the Latin culture and lifestyle in its stores. Today, the company operates 90 stores in six states and plans to have 750 stores nationwide within a decade. Approximately 93 percent of Pizza Patrón restaurants in the U.S. are owned and operated by franchisees.

About Pizza Patrón – Pizza Patrón was founded by Antonio Swad in 1986. Since franchising began in March 2003, the brand has grown from four locations in Dallas to 90 locations in six states, with more than 40 additional stores under development. Pizza Patrón features festive, Latin-influenced pizza stores that are community-based in Spanish-speaking or predominately Hispanic neighborhoods. Since 2006, Pizza Patrón has expanded its menu to include new items such as Patrón Dips™, Fiesta Wings™, BreadStix™, QuesoStix™ and Churros. In addition, they successfully rolled-out their LISTA-NOW READY™ pizza program nationally. The carry-out pizza chain also features a variety of different store models including DINE-IN,  RAPIDITO™ (airports/malls), TIENDITA™ (portable mini-store extension) and their QSP™ (Quick Service Pizza) drive-thru concept. All pizza dough is made fresh throughout the evening; no preservatives are added or needed. The sauce is prepared fresh in the stores from crushed Roma tomatoes and marinated with a secret blend of herbs and spices. Only 100 percent mozzarella cheese is used on all pizzas. X-Large pizzas are offered at prices as low as $6 for cheese and one topping and $4 for the same medium AMIGO PIZZA™. An X-Large ‘La Patrona’ deluxe pizza with everything is priced as low as $8.