Pizza Patrón Achieves 6.4 Percent Sales Increase in March

2009 Continues to be up year for Nation’s #1 Latino Pizza Brand


DALLAS – April 17, 2009 –Pizza Patrón, the premier Latino pizza brand, announced today that systemwide comparable sales increased 6.4 percent in March, which comes on the heels of increases of 10.5 and 7.9 percent in March and January, respectively. 


 “We are strategically positioned to do well despite the economy,” said Andrew Gamm, director of Brand Development for Pizza Patrón. “Much of last year was spent finding areas to reduce costs in our operations so we could avoid passing on any price increases to our customers, and it is now paying off.”


Although Pizza Patrón has been credited with creating the country’s first chain of Latin-focused pizza restaurants, the company is experiencing tremendous success among non-Hispanics who live in the communities where stores are located.  Antonio Swad, founder of Pizza Patrón, is featured on the cover of Chain Leader this month. The cover story, Know Your Audience: Pizza Patrón Caters to Hispanics, emphasizes the fact that the chain’s unique focus and value proposition has a broad appeal, not only with Hispanics, but with people of every race and ethnic heritage.


“I don’t know if it was the peso campaign or what. We seem to connect to people,” said Swad in his Chain Leader interview.


Swad’s above reference to pesos refers to how Pizza Patrón was vicariously introduced to the entire country and the world through global newscasts when it announced in 2007 that it would accept pesos in all of its U.S. locations.


“Our brand makes no apology for celebrating the diversity of the Latin culture and lifestyle,” says Gamm. “It’s what makes the Pizza Patrón experience different. The peso campaign allowed us to be exposed to a wide audience of pizza lovers who now appreciate the great food and values we bring to families every day.”


About Pizza Patrón – Pizza Patrón was founded by Antonio Swad in 1986.  Since franchising began in March 2003, the brand has grown from four locations in Dallas to 87 locations in six states, with more than 40 additional stores under development. Pizza Patrón features festive, Latin-influenced pizza stores that are community-based in Spanish-speaking or predominately Hispanic neighborhoods.  Since 2006, Pizza Patrón has expanded its menu to include new items such as Patrón Dippers™, Fiesta Wings™, BreadStix™, QuesoStix™ and Churros.  Additionally, they successfully rolled-out their LISTA-NOW READY™ pizza program nationally. The carry-out pizza chain also features a variety of different store models including DINE-IN,  RAPIDITO™ (airports/malls), TIENDITA™ (portable mini-store extension) and their QSP™ (Quick Service Pizza) concept.  All pizza dough is made fresh throughout the evening; no preservatives are added or needed. The sauce is prepared fresh in the stores from crushed Roma tomatoes and marinated with a secret blend of herbs and spices.  Only 100% mozzarella cheese is used on all pizzas.  X-Large pizzas are offered at prices as low as $6 for cheese and one topping and $4 for the same medium AMIGO PIZZA™.  An X-Large ‘La Patrona’ deluxe pizza with everything is priced as low as $8.


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