Pizza Party Celebrates 50 Years

“Having adapted over the years to accommodate the needs of consumers and serving millions of made-from-scratch pizzas since 1962, Pizza Party has been part of the Santa Clara community for 50 years,” according to the Santa Clara Weekly.

“Mayor Jamie Matthews and City Council members honored Pizza Party with a proclamation, naming May 17 Pizza Party Day in the City.

Joining Matthews at the celebration were former Mayor and Council member Patricia Mahan, Vice Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Council member Kevin Moore, as well as many business leaders from the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce and Santa Clara Rotary Club.

Fifty years ago, in October 1962, the Soviet Union began placing nuclear missiles in Cuba. The confrontation between the U.S. and Soviet Union, which became known as the Cuban Missile Crisis, war nearing. 

Though turmoil was rampant with potential war, it was in October 1962 that Bill Breuer signed a lease in Santa Clara and started concocting pizzas – the ensuing confrontation between customers’ taste buds and delicious handmade pizza became known as The Capn’s Galley Pizza and Pipes.”