According to a news report from, “When it comes to being No. 1, there’s apparently room for two in Crestwood.”

“Pizzeria Uno Corp. had sued Numero Uno Pizzeria in Crestwood, alleging the shop was infringing on Pizzeria Uno’s registered service marks and violating the state’s deceptive trade practices law,” said the story. “Last week, both sides settled and Numero Uno can stay open, but beyond that, neither company is saying anything about the settlement. “Everything is going to be confidential,” Sam Fortino, Numero Uno’s owner, said Monday. “I wish I could say more, but I can’t.” The pizza shop, 13849 S. Cicero Ave., can remain in business, he said. Fortino’s lawyer, Mark Wiemelt, said terms of the settlement are confidential and he couldn’t comment. An attorney for Pizzeria Uno did not return a call seeking comment. Pizzeria Uno asked a federal judge to order Numero Uno, which opened in May, to stop using the Numero Uno name. Pizzeria Uno has a restaurant in Crestwood called Uno Chicago Grill, and the company’s locations feature a deep-dish pizza on their menus called Numero Uno.”

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