Pizza Parlor Gives Couple New Lease on Life

""“Life in corporate America seemed pretty good for Charlie and Renee Petit. But even with their high-profile, rewarding jobs, there remained a void – an emptiness they determined could best be filled by starting a new life, reported the Coast River Business Journal. They thought, why not try tossing pizza dough? ‘Corporate America has become an environment where employees are no longer a valued person and are treated like a replaceable number,’ said Charlie. ‘We wanted a family environment where we could build a business as a family, while living in the most beautiful state of Oregon.'”

“So the Petits purchased D’Best Pizza in the Oceanlake district of Lincoln City. On the day after Thanksgiving last year, they reopened as Beachin’ Pizza, whose menu is populated by surfing-related names for their pies, such as the Breaker, the Pipeline, the Big Kahuna, the Wipe Out and the Hang 10. The couple said they found people here to be friendly and welcoming, a major factor in their decision to relocate to Lincoln City. Charlie, 49, had worked several different jobs, including owning a automotive repair business, before landing what would turn out to be a 14-year career at ALLDATA, a software publishing company. Renee, 43, had enjoyed a 25-year career in banking, most recently as a Small Business Administration loan underwriter. ‘We’re still settling in, but are very confident we have made the right choice for a community and career that will provide us with the happiness we are seeking,’Charlie said.”