According to a report from, “A pizza pan is drawing a large crowd of religious faithful. That’s because some say there’s an image of the Virgin Mary on it.”
The report also showed a video of the pan, which is gaining a lot of attention.

The report said, “It isn’t difficult to spot where the so-called miracle has taken place. The once quiet, narrow street in Texas has become a busy parking lot. And the once unassuming home down the middle of it has become the center for those who believe.”
“Here’s the face, one, two, three roses right there.” The article said, “Lydia Garcia has seen the pizza pan with the stain resembling the Virgin Mary three times already. Still, she comes prepared to see it for life.”
“I took three picture already,” Garcia said in the article.
The report said, “The pilgrimage began last week after Pugh Elementary kitchen workers discovered the so-called image while scrubbing a pizza pan. It was then placed on exhibition at a nearby home, where hundreds have dropped off candles, Rosaries, and even money.”
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