Boulder, Colo. – The Fire Within, the nation’s leading manufacturer of portable wood-fired pizza ovens announced today the first in a series educational, hands-on workshops for entrepreneurs interested in live event pizza catering and concessions. 

The workshop, designed and taught by “The Fire Within’s” founder, Joseph Pergolizzi, will include guest instructors Billy Manzo, ""member of the World Pizza Team and owner of The Federal Hill Pizza Company, as well as Antonio Laudisio, a well known Pizzaiolo who has appeared on Food Network specials and is the owner of Laudisio’s in Boulder, CO.    Participants in the two-day workshop will learn and practice insider secrets to making real pizza dough, and will have the opportunity to work with an authentic, Italian-made wood-fired pizza oven.  The course also includes essential marketing, food-safety and business techniques specific to the portable wood-fired pizza oven concept.  Registration for the course costs $799 and participants are encouraged to pre-enroll at   The first weekend workshop will be held on October 3 and 4th at Shamane’s Bakery in Boulder CO.

“We’re extremely excited to be offering this workshop,” said founder Pergolizzi.  “Very few of the customers who purchase our portable ovens have Pizza business experience.  We have spent the last several years crafting a no-nonsense, easy-to-implement plan for success and I’m delighted that Pizza experts like Billy Manzo and Antonio Laudisio like what we’re doing enough to come and participate.”   Pergolizzi said the first workshop can accommodate 12 participants and already has several registrations. 

About The Fire Within:  TFW was founded by Joseph Pergolizzi in 2005 and offers a turn-key business opportunity at a surprisingly affordable cost.  The wood-burning ovens are manufactured by Italy’s leading Pizza Oven builder and their portability platform was designed and manufactured in Boulder, CO.   The company offers everything needed to start and succeed with a unique business concept – a portable wood-burning Pizza Oven.  The company is based in Boulder, Colorado

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