Up For Auction (Again)

If you missed the Auction of domain name the first time around, here is your chance!

The owners of put the domain name up for Auction for a 2nd time with well know domain name auction site: SEDO.COM.

The last auction with fell through when the highest bidder of over 1 million, stunned everyone involved by never actually paying.  Bad news for the owners but, good news for those of you still interested in the Pizza.Net domain name. went for 2.5 million this year and with Pizza being one hot commodity this year, the owners of are keeping their hopes high.

Gas is up, food prices are up, housing is down and the economy is giving everyone reason to hunker on down and order some pizza.  Studies show that when the economy is slowing or in a recession, people tend to stay home and eat comfort foods.  Pizza being the #1 comfort food in the USA!

Auction Information: 

Domain Name:
Auction Site:
Reserve Price Range: $50,000 and $199,000
Auction Dates: June 19, 2008- June 26, 2008 (7 days)

Get your piece of the Pie today!